To maximize revenue you need to engage your audience. Their favorite platforms determine the right media for your communications, interactions, and campaigns. From TV to radio, from display advertising to email marketing, from social media to video and blog platforms, each platform requires optimized media, specific formats, and modified content. With Creative Evolution, your media takes advantage of the user-behavior your audience exhibits on the specific platform where you want to connect with them. In addition to demographic, geographic and psychographic optimization, we understand the latest trends and audience attention span. We will determine if media can be user-generated or is expected to be highly produced to connect, engage and convert. Does the platform offer interactive capabilities, and if so in real-time or delayed? Is the visual component more important, or the audio? Should your media follow rational or emotional engagement paths? Should you choose still photos, videos, or motion graphics? Our team of media experts will produce engaging content and optimize your media for the best platforms to connect with your audience and new customers. As a full-service agency, Creative Evolution provides end-to-end media creation and management, including media buys for TV, radio, social media and display networks.